How to Find the Right Career Mentor

Team Office SpaceA recent article, 4 Tips on Finding a Career Mentor, by Lauren Riley, points out that having a career mentor is an important part of your professional growth and progress. They can offer their experience and unbiased advice to help you grow as a business owner and a person.

Below are four pointers on finding the ideal career mentor to help you climb the ladder of success.

  1. Define Your Objective

First, you need to know why you want a professional mentor and what you need their guidance for. Identifying what you want to get out of a mentorship will enable you to choose the right mentor to help you achieve your desired goals.

  1. Broaden your horizon

There are many places you can search for professionals to serve as a career mentor.

  • If it’s advancement within your company, it’s a good idea to find a mentor who has taken a similar career path to the one you’re aiming to pursue.
  • A family member or friend can also be a helpful mentor, since they’ll be honest with you no and will have an intimate understanding of your goals.
  • Networking events or business organizations, like the Chambers of Commerce, can also be a great place to connect with a mentor.
  • Social media should also be considered. Look into associates on LinkedIn or Twitter that you respect and would like to receive professional advice from.
  1. Establish a Schedule

Once you’ve found a mentor, establish when and how often you will get together for meetings. It’s important that your personal schedules compliment each other, so that you will be on the same page. Frequently having to cancel or reschedule meetings, due to ongoing conflicts will make it difficult for the mentorship to progress.

  1. Pre-Plan Discussion Topics

Once you’ve agreed on a meeting arrangement, it’s ideal to pre-plan your topics of discussion. It’s beneficial because your mentor can then come ready with tips and advice when you meet, which allows you to spend more time receiving guidance.


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