Top 3 Booming Online Small Business Services

Virtual OfficeA recent article titled 3 Digital Small Business Sectors That Are Ready To Take Off by Alma Bahman describes how small businesses have changed significantly over the decade. Basically, business apps helped run the businesses easily and offered customer service satisfaction; now these apps do not only connect people but also do errands for them. Apps are not just element of businesses but to some entrepreneurs these are their very business replacing traditional business or the so called, the brick and mortar businesses.

Below are the top 3 digital small business sectors that gain popularity:

Delivery Services-Grocery and Liquor

With few taps on your mobile, these delivery services will do grocery errands for you at very minimal delivery cost in less than one hour. Instacart and Google Express are some of the delivery apps that pick up and deliver groceries to your doorstep in day offices. This kind of service draws huge amount of dollars like delivery app Favor that just received $13 million in Series A funding.  It is popping up around the world like HappyFresh in Southeast Asia.

Aside from grocery apps is the emerging booze app which delivers liquors to your victory party in plug and play offices. Drizly, DrinkFly, Saucey, Thirstie, Klink, Minibar, etc. are flooding app stores. Customers use their smartphones to pay someone else to make the beer run and bring it to their doorstep.

Subscription Services

Upgrading customer convenience and satisfaction is the birth of subscription services thru internet. These services deliver essentials and wants straight to staffed flexible offices’ doorway. It is not only newspapers and magazines you subscribe but anything like toiletries, beauty products, wardrobes, toys, snacks etc. Customers need not to reorder particular items but instead paying monthly fee will allow them to receive items on regular basis.

Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, Bevel for razors and Plated, Blue Apron and Nature Box for prepped food are among flourishing companies in this sector.

Online Banking

Online banking is the concept of bank without going to physical premise which is also known as direct or virtual banking in virtual office space. It facilitates customers to make deposits, pay utility bills, apply loans and check their accounts from mobile apps or desktop component.

Ally Bank, Capital One 360 and Simple are some of the virtual banks that cater this kind of services.


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