5 Ways to Build a Strong Online Reputation

Do something different to kick off the new year. In this article, successful business owners share personal techniques for leveraging their company’s brand and online marketing.

Here we have shared 5 amazing techniques:


You need to say hello and introduce yourself. Let customers know who you are by building a comprehensive “about us” page on your website. Talk about your business, how you got started and what your business has to offer. Don’t forget to include photos as well as your business address and contact information.

2. Social Media

Not only do you need to be online, but you also need to be on social media. Develop a social media presence on the platforms your target market likes to spend time on, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

3. Testimonials and Reviews

Displaying customer testimonials is a great way to show potential customers all the other satisfied clients you’ve had. When possible, display third-party reviews such as those on Yelp or Google.

4. Portfolio

In addition to showing a list of satisfied customers, provide links to the work you have done. Be sure to include any relevant items such as before/after photos, case studies, customer logos and links to customer sites as references.

5. Trust Seals

Online consumers are savvy and want to feel safe when they are shopping. No one wants to enter a credit card number on a sketchy website. Malware scan seal on your website are all proven to build trust and increase conversions.

It’s a great reminder that the way we conduct ourselves online is just as important as the way we conduct ourselves in our relationships offline. By taking control of our reputation online, we can help ensure a healthier bottom line.

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Read the original article at:http://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/marketing/2015/01/5-ways-to-build-a-strong-online-reputation.html

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