How Startup Entrepreneurs Can Gain from Failure


A recent article, 5 Ways for Startup Entrepreneurs to Learn From Failure by Joel Goldstein says that the road to success is not easy. As a young entrepreneur, you will have failures or glitches along the way. But it’s not how many you encounter, it is instead what you learn from each from each failure and how you gain and grow from the experience.

Here’s how startup entrepreneurs can learn from their failures.

Reassess the planning process.

When confronted with a failure, review whether you spent ample time during the planning process and ask yourself “could this failure have been avoided if more was done during the planning process?” Use this to shape how you plan for new business endeavors in the future.

Learn to delegate.

It’s easy to make mistakes or wrong decisions that lead to failures when you do it all. To focus on business core, there’s nothing wrong when you delegate some mundane tasks to someone or to the avail of a virtual office to answer calls “live” in your business’ name and for other administrative tasks.

Evaluate the communication process.

Some startup failures come from miscommunication between employees. Check how you disseminate information to your team in coworking office space. Ensure that you’re clear and answer any issues that may arise before moving forward.

Redefine your target market.

If no one is buying the product/service as is, it could be you designed it for a consumer that only exists in your imagination. Question the products/services that you offer, try to redefine your audience and adjust to the actual target market.

Be watchful of your competitor.

If you’re planning on offering a new product that should have saved your business but only to find out your competitor already has done. It could have easily been avoided if you kept a watchful eye on those experienced competitors by learning and analyzing their strategies.


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