Birth of a New Leadership

A recent article titled Seven Steps to New Leadership by Dan Rockwell instructs leaders not to be complacent about their undertakings but instead contemplate on how to enhance and improve leadership.

Here are some tips to new leadership.

Power of Negativity

There is power in negative thoughts and feelings, much to say discontentment, dissatisfaction, discomfort and all other “dis” motivate a good leader to look for a greater value of his endeavors. Unhappiness brings new vision to leadership. There is no feeling of defeat for a good leader but instead defeats urge him to a greater action. Leaders in executive office space are not quitters.

Moving On

There is always room for improvement in flexible office space. Improvement means to progress towards a higher level not leaving the good attributes behind but instead carrying them altogether with the new behaviors and patterns.

New discomfort

There is pain in transition and it brings new discomfort and dissatisfaction. Giving up the old habit is not easy and leaving your comfort zone in plug and play offices is painful but new opportunities and challenges are much greater than the old.

New Vision

Disappointment induces growth. Vision directs it.

Do something new with your staffed flexible offices while letting go of something old. You’re still living with one foot in the old world and one in the new. The new world strengthens; the old frustrates. Flexibility and adaptability are important qualities of a good leadership.


Growth is what you become and your works define it.

Stepping out emboldens the new you. You must do new things. But, the enduring opportunity is embracing new identity. New identity enables you to let go the old and grasp the new. As new identity develops, the rule of old behaviors diminishes.

The ultimate question is, “Who do you want to become.” What you think is what you become.

Work Behavior

Loving what you are doing defines real success and fulfillment. Plain working sustains life but loving your work inspires a worth living existence.


Smart leadership is a continuing process of learning from the past, adapting to the present and preparing for the future. Be a good and smart leader at The Smarter Way To Office. Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, everything you need to optimize your business performance is right here – from day one. Your workplace comes complete with furniture, telephone lines and equipment, secure high-speed Internet access and a world-class business support team.

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