International Examples of Education via Coworking

Coworking_Space_in_BerlinIn a country of more than 90 million people the coworking space has become a ground for education, learning and training, through regular mentoring discussion panels, and workshops that aim to develop the individual capacities of youths in multiple fields. Here are three of the coworking spaces moving out of the comfort zone.

The District: Coinciding with its three year anniversary, the coworking space The District (also the first in the country) decided to support entrepreneurs in SMEs who have just started, helping their respective projects get off the ground by widening their knowledge.

The District’s founders organize monthly usually as small business dinners where entrepreneurs talk about the challenges they’re facing, and experts help them solve their problems.

Designopia: Designopia effectively began its work (on a small scale) nearly four years ago as a coworking space for entrepreneurs in creative arts and design.

A coworking space for designers and people interested in creative work, and Design Geeks, which offers training workshops that look to help school and college students who wish to enter the sector, learning about the tools they need to start their own projects, or even to join the freelance market.

Qafeer Labs:

A classical Arabic word that means ‘beehive’ the founders chose it to indicate the hard work that young people should be doing in the entrepreneurship sector.

In terms of the role of coworking spaces in fighting the traditional employment ideology and stepping into the entrepreneurship world, Qafeer Labs pays special attention to the necessity of spreading the freelancing ideology through workshops that shed light on the most important websites that provide such opportunities and provide training on how to join these communities, build resumes, assess rates, and ensure the best ways to get the latter.

Perhaps the most important thing about Qafeer Labs is their collaboration with other coworking spaces in Egypt, to raise awareness of the importance of constant training of young people.

In today’s time coworking space has become an important part of small business. It help you save money and you also learn you a lot. If you’d like to know more about coworking spaces in Charlotte, contact YourOffice’s location in Charlotte.

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