How to Effectively Manage Social Media Marketing For Your Small Business

Social media has grown in the past few years and it continues to grow with very little signs of slowing down. It’s a given that most people are online in one way or another, and whether your target audience is on Facebook, LinkedIn or SnapChat, chances are they have a social media account somewhere (72% do and that number is rising).

A small business is more likely to have success if they take advantage of the how the platforms are used to connect with current and potential customers. Utilizing social media is a bit more involved than just signing up for an account. Once an account is created, it needs to be managed. But, how can you properly manage a social media account when you’re busy dealing with the day-to-day operations?

Here are some ideas to managing social media marketing for small business:


Proper organization is key when trying to stay ahead with your social media management. There are a number of tools that you can use to keep track of everything including Hootsuite Dashboard lets you use all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – plus many, many other applications – by signing into one location.

You can even view all of your messages from Hootsuite and respond from there. Another great feature of Hootsuite that saves time is the “suggested post” feature. Type in your keywords and the system will aggregate post ideas for you.


A content calendar is a good way to ensure that you are making updates frequently. Ahead of time, you can set up what days you are going to update your content and what the topic is going to be. Everything will already be decided and you can make a few clicks and be done. Create content that is timely and relevant. Get started with your content calendar with these quick tips:

  • Start by outlining the year and highlighting main events, holidays and seasons.
  • Focus on one quarter at a time and identify a monthly theme or topics to cover.
  • Break down each month with your thematic or topic idea by identifying what types of posts you can create around it: text, video, micro-video, visuals, related quotes, questions, fill in the blanks, etc.


When it comes to internet content you want to make sure that what you post is as diverse as possible. It is a good idea to have a social media team on your side to help you along. This team can be made up of other co-workers, employees and you can even outsource to a third party writer to create your content for you. This also gives you a backup option if you are sick, on vacation etc.

Set Aside The Time

The more present you are on social media the more success you will see from it. You should set aside a few hours a month to plan out and schedule content, then set aside at least ten minutes each day to check in on your social media accounts.

Taking control of your social media sites by way of good management techniques can really help you utilize these new venues to their optimal potential. Not only that but proper management allows you to spend as little amount of time on social media as you can while still reaping the benefits.

Now a day social media has become an important of marketing plan. You can also open your accounts on social media and can manage them this will help you grow your business. Are you looking for someone who can help with your social media accounts.Contact, we look forward seeing you.

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