The Pros and Cons of The 21st Century Home Office

The Pros and Cons of The 21st Century Home OfficeEven though there’s been a big push for home offices during the 21st century, there are still die-hard situations where working out of your home does not make sense. Some jobs do require employee on-site participation like a Law Firm or a Doctor’s office. In this article you will compare the pros and cons of virtual home offices.

Telecommuting- The Pros:

  1. A big incentive to work altogether!
    A virtual office is a must for employees that have small children and for students who need a flexible schedule. Bad weather, long distances and other commuting issues are no longer relevant.
  2. Corporations save on costs
    This is the most obvious benefit to telecommuting. Employees save considerable money on gasoline, work attire, and numerous other work-related expenses.
  3. Avoiding distractions at work

Many jobs require an extended uninterrupted period of time to focus. If your job requires a lot of concentration, consider having an assigned “quiet’ space where no one is allowed to interrupt you for the duration of your work day.

Telecommuting – The Cons:

  1. Home distractions

The number one home offices don’t work is because there are too many distractions at home. For those with children, boundaries are sometimes hard to respect. Additionally, you have to trust your employee to get the work done.

2. Daily interactions lost

One of the main reasons for having an office is for engaging in daily interactions. Working side by side with others every day can spark creativity and promote teamwork. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues, you will also build relationships that benefit the company.

If you do choose to have some of your employees work from home, you will need to put in place a few hard rules to ensure productivity. We would love to hear from our readers: home vs. On-site office?

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