How to Raise Your Virtual Office’s Productivity

Running a virtual office and coordinating a remote team certainly has its advantages, especially if you know how to organize your activity properly. Despite the advantages of working in a virtual office, you will also have to account for several setbacks all derived from the fact that your team is not in the same place.

YourOffice shares 4 tips to raise your virtual office’s productivity.

1. Hold regular meetings

Scheduling regular meetings helps your company structure the workday more efficiently. Remember, holding video conference meetings comes with a unique advantage for you as a manager: you can easily see who is talking and how others are reacting.

2. Use instant chat instead of emails for communicatingHow to Raise Your Virtual Office’s Productivity

While you might argue that having an instant chat window open is a major distraction, in this case, the instant chat can act as a substitute of being in the same room with your coworkers. In fact, when used properly, the instant message chat actually bridges the gap between sending an email and/or going over to your colleague’s desk. Speaking of emails, they are time consuming and shouldn’t always be used as a means of communicating with your team.

3. Share documents, links and ideas

Utilizing document sharing tools is another surefire way to boost productivity at your virtual office. Remember to create a structure of folders and file naming strategies. Teach your method to your virtual employees. Make sure you assign the proper permissions so that everything runs smoothly. If your business needs to constantly share links and ideas, there are online sites that can help out with that such as Delicious and Instapaper. On a side note, using email for these purposes is usually counterproductive, as you’re forced to waste a lot of time browsing through older emails.

4. Create a dedicated workspace and set boundaries

While for some working from home might seem like the perfect opportunity to procrastinate, it doesn’t need to be that way for your virtual office. Create a routine and stick to it. Routine is much more important in virtual office settings. Set boundaries and expectations as well. Your employees will thank you.

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Photo Credit: Tom Borowski

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